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My top 5 favorite Chrome extensions

I am a chrome user & fan. On every day use this five extensions listed bellow helps me to live a better life :D

1. Checker Plus for Gmail

Many people hates Email notifications but I got used to it. This extension saves my lot of time. It has a lots of customization option with instant checking for a mail arrival. You can also browse inbox, replay, compose, read mails and list goes on and on..

2. Wunderlist for Chrome


For to do list my favourite is Wunderlist App for Chrome (besides My white board and Pen). I love the awesome, clean UI and UX. It offers some unique features like collaboration, conversation, sharing, hashtags. Pro version offers more customizations and removes some restrictions. I am happy with free version till now.

3. LastPass

LastPass is a password manager and does jobs like generates secure password, saves passwords & credentials. It also offers secure notes & autofill feature which is very handy. It make my life much easier and simpler.

4. Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary

Double click on a word and you will find the words definition, pronunciation or wikipidia popped up as baloon right near your word. Helpful one from google (y).

5. Adblock


It's the most popular chrome extension out there. It provides you a lot better browsing experience by blocking annoying ads.

All extensions listed above are chromium compitable