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Installing PyCharm/PhpStorm on Linux and fixing font rendering problem

I used Ubuntu & Pycharm for this tutorial but this method should work with IDEA, WebStorm, PhpStrom and particularly any java swing apllication at any ubuntu based linux distribution !

1. Download & Extract Pycharm :

Download Pycharm from Jetbrains & then extract and move to /opt . For extracting and moving from terminal :

$ tar -xvf pycharm.tar.gz
$ sudo mv pycharm /opt/

2. Install OpenJdk 7 Font-fix :

Now add font fixed openjdk ppa listed bellow :

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:no1wantdthisname/openjdk-fontfix
$ sudo apt-get update

If you have already openjdk installed :

$ sudo apt-get upgrade

If you do not have open jdk installed (Be sure to remove oracle JDK!) :

$ sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk

2. Finally :

Add following to pycharm64.vmoptions (If you are running 64bit) located at /opt/pycharm/ :


to start pycharm :

$ cd /opt/pycharm/bin
$ ./pycharm.sh

Now you have improved and awesome font rendeing !

I've used pycharm as file & folder name be sure about your file & folder name. It could be pycharm-3.4 or something else so please be sure about that.

Let me know if you are having difficulties. Be sure to checkout their PPA README file.